And Its True disquiet0254


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had some pictures in mind by listening to the samples,it has to be a dark misty night, just the sounds of far away ships, out of sight,gives you a vague
perception of the line.
used only the two samples to develop all sounds for this Junto.
the voice like sounds were made with the Density Instrument.
the drone is made in CatStretch 1 with M4L Real Time Texture. the result is a more or less randomly appearing sound.
looped the nebelhorn and the distant train.
put the nebelhorn in Abletons Sampler only for a pitched version.
as FX there are Convolution Reverb, M4L Rvb, JN Grain Reverb Send,
Ableton Delay and Dub Mashines Magnetic.


released November 13, 2016